Fine woodworks, furniture; harpsichord repair and maintenance; Indian instruments
Indian instruments
Since my early teens I have been drawn to music and stringed instruments and have worked on them ever since. I have played various instruments: guitar, violin, baroque-violin, baroque-cello, bass viola da gamba, Indian bowed sarangi, and harpsichord. I soon realised that my talents lay not so much in making music as in repairing instruments. Instead of doing regular bowing excercises, I made a new and better nut, or a new soundpost, and so forth. As a musician I was most active in medieval and Indian chant. My primary interests, the perception of tone quality, resonance and intonation, were further developed in contact with established Indian musicians. Since 2007 I have worked an assistant to master-builder Joel Katzman. After several successful projects, I decided to actively seek harpsichord repair and regulation work. There must be so many instruments out there that could do with a touch-up or an up-grade!
I am available for a complete range of repairs, adjustments, regulation, re-stringing and voicing-work in bird quills or in Delrin.

I have been developing my skills as a woodworker for more than thirty years now. Starting out with simple projects, I soon found myself involved in doing various woodwork jobs for friends. Later on my work gradually shifted to making custom tables, cabinets, doing flooring projects, making proto-types for designers, work on boats and their interiors, interior re-building of large classy apartments along the Amsterdam canals. My work has a high level of precision and finish. A creative inventiveness, combined with a good sense for communication guarantees results that are functionally and aesthetically pleasing to live with.
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