Jivari and Sarangi bows
Another skill I developed is to rehair sarangi-bows, or make new ones from scatch. I made several bows and rehaired and serviced many more. In this picture: one viola da gamba bow that needed a new wedge to secure the hair in the tip-chamber; lying next to a finished sarangi-bow, with a second sarangi-bow in preparation.
One of my specialist abilities is the precise shaping and polishing of the bridges of the Indian tanpura. This phenomenon is usually called jivari, and is to sound what a prism is to light: the sound of one string is refracted in all its constituent harmonics. The art of jivari-making is mastered by relatively few people nowadays, as it requires a lot of knowledge, experience and a very acute sense of hearing. During the many years that I accompanied visiting Indian musicians as a tanpura-artist, I received many compliments: unanymously all musicians were very happy to let me take care of the tuning! (more on tanpura and jivari at the 'links' page)
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