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Bruce Kennedy after Taskin
Bruce Kennedy, Amsterdam 2005, after Taskin 1769. Although the instrument had been serviced only a month before, I found that the upper manual had too much lateral play and that the voicing and set-up were out of balance, so it all played and sounded very irregular. First, I worked on the upper manual. As many balance and guide -holes in the key were now too large, I removed all balance and guide pins, and replaced them with slightly thicker pins. This solved the problem on most keys, however some were still too loose, so I made guide-plates of beech which were glued on to the keys. These were then properly fitted and dressed with a 6B full-graphite pen. In addition, I checked and where neccessary adjusted the balancing of the keys, so that as a result the upper manual (after re-voicing the back 8' register) plays very evenly again, with a precise toucher. Then the voicing and regulation of the lower manual 8' and 4' were adjusted to get the whole instrument back in perfect playing order.
Fine woodworks, furniture; harpsichord repair and maintenance; Indian instruments